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Favorite Style : American India Pale Ale
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You have achieved a reputation in the world as a beer connoisseur. Your taste is impeccable. People seek you out and ask what beers they should drink. You probably were a good student as you value quality over quantity in your beers. We're guessing you dress well, too. You probably make more money than us in a job that's better than ours, too. You are super cool.

FRACK's Favorite Beers (Hide?)
#1. Head High IPA     #2. SneakBox     #3. Maine Lunch IPA     #4. Corona Light     #5. Stacy's Mom     #6. Easy Peasy Summer     #7. Stained Glass     #8. Ghost Rainbow     #9. Perception is Reality     #10. Cidre Blanc     #11. Solid Gold    

Favorite Beer
Head High IPA

Ocean, NJ
Style: American India Pale Ale