The Great American Beer Challenge
Join The Ultimate Beer Fantasy League


How to Enter the Contest:
Drop by the bar and complete the short entry form - listing your name, phone number and email address. We ask that you create a BEER NAME - or your own pseudonym that's not your real name.  We simply don't want to post your drinking beer prowess under your real name.

The Benefits of Signing up:
First and foremost, you get to drink beer with the coolest people of Hoboken. Also, throughout the year, several of the country's best craft brewers drop by here at Cork City. Show your card and you are our invited guest. We have over 30 beer events planned throughout the year with special rare beers on tap and free giveaways. We'll send you an email with our updated calendar.

How to Score Points:
Simply present your card to the bartender or your 3/4-digit # when you settle your check. Your points will be automatically calculated and standings will be displayed at  Beers consumed on Mondays and Wednesdays are double points. There are hidden golden ticket beers worth 100 points throughout our selection. You’ll receive 250 bonus points when you’ve consumed 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of our complete our beer menu. Also, each day we randomly select a Magic Tap - or a draught beer worth 100 points if you consume it on the day of it's selection. End the month with the highest points? 1st and 2nd place winners receive $100 and $50 gift cards respectively. The clock then resets again for the next month. For the Grand Prize Trip, we utilize the same rules but points are tracked from May 24, 2023 thru midnight August 23, 2023.


End the month with the highest points and you'll pocket a $100 Cork City Gift Card. 2nd Place receives a $50 Gift Card.

Become the overall point leader as of midnight August 23, 2023 OR win the random drawing on August 24, 2023.
On August 24, we'll hold a random drawing for all contestants and award the grand prize to that contestant. Each daily visit to Cork City counts as one raffle entry.  Visit us 20 times this summer? You'll have 20 tickets entered in the raffle the night of August 24. We'll also pick an alternate just in case the raffle winner cannot travel to New Orleans with us that weekend. The prize is non-transferrable.

What's the prize?
We're switching it up this year and heading south to THE BIG EASY, New Orleans, LA. Grand Prize winners (2) will each receive 2 round trip airfare tickets, lodging accommodations at the W Hotel French Quarter September 28 to October 1, 2023.