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BUDDY BUCKETS's Beer Rating: C+ (Decent)
You're a fun loving person that everyone really enjoys being around. But when it comes to your beer drinking, you're really not that adventurous. You tend to like your beers on the lighter side but can probably down 10 or so of them. Which in our book, means you're ok.

BUDDY BUCKETS's Favorite Beers (Hide?)
#1. Corona Light     #2. Green City     #3. Head High IPA     #4. Bud Light     #5. Juice Bomb     #6. Stella Artois     #7. Tangerine Czeltzer     #8. Asbury Park Blonde     #9. Donut Shack     #10. Corona Premier     #11. Perception is Reality     #12. Hoboken Girl (CL)     #13. 5 Boroughs Summer    

Favorite Beer
Corona Light

Grupo Modelo SA de CV
Corona, Mexico
Style: Light Lager