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MIKE H's Beer Rating: A- (Excellent)
You have achieved a reputation in the world as a beer connoisseur. Your taste is impeccable. People seek you out and ask what beers they should drink. You probably were a good student as you value quality over quantity in your beers. We're guessing you dress well, too. You probably make more money than us in a job that's better than ours, too. You are super cool.

MIKE H's Beers to Taste (Hide?)
Cheer Team  (American Double IPA) 8% abv   A+ Rating
Strawberry Lager  (Fruit / Vegetable) 4% abv   B+ Rating
Dark Side Leaf  (Pumpkin Stout) 7% abv   NR Rating
Wandermuch?  (Saison / Farmhouse Ale) 6% abv   A- Rating
Curieux  (Belgian Trippel) 11% abv   A+ Rating
Allagash Tripel  (Belgian Trippel) 9% abv   A+ Rating
Gloria Blonde  (Belgian Pale Ale) 6% abv   NR Rating
Jersey Sarcasm  (American Lager) 5% abv   B+ Rating
Bud Light  (Light Lager) 4% abv   F Rating
Budweiser  (American Adjunct Lager) 5% abv   D+ Rating
Maduro Brown  (English Brown Ale) 6% abv   A+ Rating
Coors Light  (Light Lager) 4% abv   F Rating
Corona Extra  (American Adjunct Lager) 5% abv   D Rating
Corona Light  (Light Lager) 4% abv   F Rating
Corona Premier  (American Pale Lager) 4% abv   C Rating
The Early NovemBEER  (American Double IPA) 8% abv   A- Rating
Secret of the Brews  (Sour / Wild Ale) 8% abv   A- Rating
World Pint  (Light Lager) 5% abv   NA Rating
Ginger Snap Cookie  (Cream Ale) 6% abv   A- Rating
Founder's Porter  (American Porter) 7% abv   A Rating
Great Lakes Christmas  (Winter Warmer) 8% abv   A- Rating
Dank Demon  (Abbey Dubbel) 8% abv   A- Rating
Farm Flor  (Cider) 7% abv   A- Rating
Grimm Weisse  (Hefeweizen) 6% abv   A Rating
Guinness  (Dry Irish Stout) 5% abv   B- Rating
Heineken Light  (Light Lager) 3% abv   D+ Rating
Freaky Hijiki  (Berliner Weissbier) 5% abv   A Rating
Copper Legend  (Märzen / Oktoberfest) 6% abv   A- Rating
Post Shift Pils  (German Pilsener) 5% abv   B+ Rating
Cloud Cover  (Belgian Witbier) 5% abv   B Rating
Donut Shack  (American India Pale Ale) 7% abv   A Rating
Green Lines  (American India Pale Ale) 7% abv   A Rating
Head High IPA  (American India Pale Ale) 7% abv   A Rating
SneakBox  (American Pale Ale (APA)) 6% abv   A Rating
KY Barrel Aged  (Pumpkin Ale) 10% abv   B+ Rating
Maine Lunch IPA  (American India Pale Ale) 7% abv   A+ Rating
Mean Old Tom NITRO  (American Porter) 7% abv   A+ Rating
Peeper Ale  (American Pale Ale (APA)) 6% abv   A Rating
Miller Lite  (Light Lager) 4% abv   D+ Rating
Peaches & Cream  (New England IPA) 8% abv   A- Rating
Black Currant  (Cider) 6% abv   A- Rating
Pennings Bone Dry  (Cider) 6% abv   NR Rating
Double Chocolate Nitro  (American Imperial Stout) 8% abv   A Rating
Nitro Peanut Butter  (American Porter) 6% abv   A- Rating
Schlafly Pumpkin  (Pumpkin Ale) 8% abv   A+ Rating
Stella Artois  (Euro Pale Lager) 5% abv   C+ Rating
Stella Cidre  (Cider) 5% abv   B+ Rating
Hop Hands  (American Pale Ale (APA)) 6% abv   A Rating
Blueberry Saison  (Saison / Farmhouse Ale) 6% abv   A Rating
Minkey Boodle  (American Wild Ale) 7% abv   A+ Rating
Ok2berfest  (Märzen / Oktoberfest) 5% abv   A Rating
Trip Lemon Blueberry  (Malt Beer) 5% abv   A Rating
Black Raspberry  (Malt Beer) 5% abv   A Rating
Yuengling Lager  (American Adjunct Lager) 4% abv   B- Rating
Green State  (German Pilsener) 5% abv   A Rating

Favorite Beer
Paradox Pilsner

Paradox Beer Co.
Divide, CO
Style: Czech Pilsener