The Great American Beer Challenge
Frequently Asked Questions


#1. Do I get points for my friends beers?
Yes. We encourage to drop by with your friends and knock a few back.  Just ensure all of their beers are on your tab when you settle with the bartender.  Then settle up with your friends on your own. You must be present with your friends to pocket the points.

#2. The bartender bought me a beer (buyback). Where's my points?
While our bartenders often reward good customers by 'buying them a drink', you don't get points for a free beer.

#3. I don't drink that much beer. How can I score more points?
We encourage you to re-evaluate your priorities and dedicate yourself to consuming more beer.  If you lack this basic discipline, why not drop by with your friends for a happy hour after work?  Remember, Mondays and Wednesdays are double points.  And finally, points are awarded to the adventurous beer drinker. You'll receive a 250 point bonus when you've tried 25%, 50% and 100% of our entire beer menu.

#4. Can I also put my wife's name on my card?
Sorry. One participant per card.  See question #1 and start buying your wife some beers. It will make you a better person. And if she's not with you, kindly explain to her that you've decided to dedicate yourself to becoming a beer athlete. We also encourage you to bring her to if you win the trip.

#5. What's a Golden Ticket?
Golden Tickets are randomly placed on our large bottle beer selection. Order an interesting beer from our over 100 bottle selection, and you may be the recipient of a golden ticket - or 100 point bonus towards your trip to Denver.

#6. What should I do with my card when the contest is over?
Keep it. The contest restarts every month and you could pocket a $100 Gift Card every month. We'll be running other contests and promotions throughout the year. And remember, card holders are our invited guests to several beer tastings we're sponsoring throughout the year.

#7. I forgot my card. How do I get credit for my beers?
Just give your 3/4-digit # to one of our friendly bartenders. Or if you can't remember it, ask them to look it up to ensure you get credit.

Just about the most awesome beer festival held in this country. Held each year in Denver's Convention Center, over 4100 beers are judged in 85 categories. Almost every craft brewery in the country clamors to enter their beers. It's a 3-day event that's just about the greatest time ever. To learn more, visit their web site.  However, it's ben cancelled for 2021 so we're switching it up and heading to San Diego!

#9. Do I need to be present for the raffle drawing?
Yes. The drawing will be held at 9 pm on Thursday August 26, 2021. If we select your name and your not present, we'll pick another name.  That night, we're planning a special beer event with one of our favorite breweries.

#10. How do I check my points?
Points are automatically posted to the web site daily. Just visit and check your points under your beer champion name.

#11. What's this fake name business?
Although, we respect your drinking prowess, we also respect your privacy. We will never share your name, email or phone number with anyone.  And we ask you to create a fictitious Champion Name so you can view your points on line without fear of retribution from your friends and family. Can you imagine if we used your real name?  Seriously?  'Bob' consumed 10 Delirium Tremens at Cork City last night.  Do you get why we want a fake name, now?

#12. How do I enter the raffle?
For each visit to Cork City, you'll receive one raffle ticket entry. Visit us 20 times this summer and you'll have 20 entries into the drawing.

#13. I have been a member for some time? Do past points count toward this year's contest?
In short, yes and no. Points are awarded for those beers consumed during the contest period of May 27-August 26,2021. However, if you've been a loyal beer customer and just happen to hit the 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% Menu bonus during the contest period, then those bonus points count towards the contest.

#14. I've already drank the entire menu and am on the Wall of Fame? What do I do this year?
If you're one of only 10 people to have consumed our entire menu, you can start over from your Wall of Fame Date. We call it 'lapping the menu'. You'll get a bonus at 125%, 150% 175% and Double Hall of Fame Status.