Cream Ale

Cream Ales, spawned from the American light lager style, are brewed as an ale though are sometimes finished with a lager yeast or lager beer mixed in. Adjuncts such as corn or rice are used to lighten the body. It is no uncommon for smaller craft brewers to brew all malt Cream Ales. Pale straw to pale gold color. Low hop bittering and some hop aroma though some micros have given the style more of a hop character. Well carbonated and well attenuated.

Cream Ale Beers Currently Serving
Workin Man's Cut Nitro SingleCut Brewery A 6.00 12oz Draught
Coffee Regular Carton Brewing A 12.00 10oz Draught
Cafe Y Churro Carton Brewing A+ 12.00 10oz Draught