Head High 1000TH

The 1000th Batch of Head High
Batch 1000 was brewed with a similar malt bill but we replaced about 25% of the base pilsner and wheat with rye. The rye addition adds a noticeable spiciness on the back-end and dry finish to the beer similar to Rye Head High we made years ago. We hopped it with Cascade, Centennial, Citra and Chinook, all hops we use throughout the process on Head High but added a significant amount of Galaxy to the dry hop schedule to replicate the double dry hopped variant we made from time to time. For those who drink Head High, batch 1000 will be familiar but a little different.

Type: American India Pale Ale
Beer Advocate Rating: A+
16  Draught oz
7%  abv

Kane Brewing Co LLC

Ocean. NJ