Red Velvet Nitro

Thick and Foamy
Impossibly reddish in color (due to the beets) with nitro cascade fading into a pink cap of stable foam, great clarity. Seeing the beer in the glass shows the obvious resemblance to a slice of red velvet cake (red cake on the bottom topped with a layer of creamy white frosting). But the similarities donít end there. The aroma is dominated by chocolate with earthy notes of beets and subtle wafts of roast coco. The flavor is similar to the aroma but with faint roast and hop bitterness coming in at the end balance it out, not cloying or overly sweet. The mouthfeel is medium and the finish is luxuriously smooth. Itís dessert served in a pint glass!

Type: Milk / Sweet Stout
Beer Advocate Rating: A-
16  Draught oz
7%  abv

Ballast Point Brewing

San Diego, CA