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You've generally arrived in your beer drinking, but you are influenced heavily by marketing campaigns for big breweries - choosing to try lighter or seasonally different brews from breweries you're familiar. It's ok. We like you. But we want you to stretch a little.

CORK CITY BITCH's Favorite Beers (Hide?)
#1. Corona Light     #2. Narwahl Imperial     #3. Head High IPA     #4. DownEast Pumpkin     #5. Corona Premier     #6. Zombie Walk     #7. The Lawman     #8. Tangerine Soul Style     #9. ACE Pineapple     #10. Double Barrel (DBA)     #11. Dry Hopped Brett Pils     #12. Abita Octoberfest     #13. Uncanny Valley    

Favorite Beer
Narwahl Imperial

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co
Chico, CA
Style: American Imperial Stout