71 Total Points
16 Bonus Points
Favorite Style : American India Pale Ale
4 Beers Tasted
13 Beers to Bonus
63 Beers Left to Try

Pint Status


MCDONNELL's Beer Rating: A+ (World Class)
You consistently drink only the best beers in the world. In short, you have achieved a beer status most people only dream of. We'd call you the most interesting man/woman in the world but that's a Dos Equis slogan and that beer only scores average. People want to be you. We want to be you.

MCDONNELL's Order Detail Report
Order #384374
Order Date:4/24/2021
Total Points: 32

Maine Lunch IPA   8
Maine Lunch IPA   8
Maine Lunch IPA   8
Maine Lunch IPA   8

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Favorite Beer
Maine Lunch IPA

Maine Beer Co
Freeport, ME
Style: American India Pale Ale