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Favorite Style : Light Lager
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QUEEF WHISPERSSS's Beer Rating: C- (Not Worthy)
You are sensible, grounded and practical. You are the polar opposite of a daydreamer and don't easily get carried away. Yet, you also don't like authority. However, what may be a bit surprising is many people consider you very spontaneous. Yet you tend not to do much advance planning.

QUEEF WHISPERSSS's Bonus Point Detail (Hide?)
2/27/2018 Kane Head High  200 pts
10/4/2017 Kane Mosaic Punch IPA  200 pts
7/12/2017 Hoboken Oats 4 Hops  200 pts
7/7/2015 Climax Tuxedo  100 pts
5/23/2015 Menu Bonus  250 pts
2/10/2015 ST Choklat draft  100 pts
9/30/2014 Terrapin Pumpkinfest  100 pts
5/16/2014 Sam Adams Summer Ale  100 pts
5/22/2013 Brooklyn Blast IPA  100 pts
8/25/2011 Blue Point Blueberry  100 pts

Favorite Beer
Bud Light

Anheuser Busch Inbev
St. Louis, MO
Style: Light Lager