3,268 Total Points
2,519 Bonus Points
Favorite Style : American India Pale Ale
86 Beers Tasted
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MAN BOK's Beer Rating: A+ (World Class)
You consistently drink only the best beers in the world. In short, you have achieved a beer status most people only dream of. We'd call you the most interesting man/woman in the world but that's a Dos Equis slogan and that beer only scores average. People want to be you. We want to be you.

MAN BOK's Bonus Point Detail (Hide?)
2/10/2017 ET Mexican Imp Biscott  200 pts
4/29/2016 Menu Bonus  250 pts
4/8/2016 HC Galaxy Comet IPA  100 pts
2/21/2016 CL Smoked Porter  100 pts
9/27/2015 Schlalfy Pumpkin  100 pts
9/3/2015 Kane Head High  100 pts
8/28/2015 GD Showdown Rye IPA  100 pts
8/21/2015 FBW Funnel Cake Nitro  100 pts
5/9/2015 Menu Bonus  250 pts
11/27/2014 DFH 120 Minute IPA  100 pts
11/21/2014 GL Com Perry IPA Draft  100 pts
8/8/2014 Hebrew David Slingshot  100 pts
6/11/2014 DFH Bitches Brew  100 pts
4/2/2014 Kane Head High  100 pts
11/28/2013 Menu Bonus  250 pts
11/17/2013 OMG BPA  100 pts
11/2/2013 Fishermans Pumpkin St  100 pts
2/27/2013 FF FU Sandy  100 pts
2/4/2013 Kane Head High IPA  100 pts

Favorite Beer
Head High IPA

Ocean, NJ
Style: American India Pale Ale