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We're not branding you conservative or liberal, but you're clearly more liberal in your beer selection as you prefer more quality brews. You'll drink rare seasonals, and quality belgians but your 'go-to' beers are of general high quality. You are a more open-minded and emotional stable person who enjoys a variety of life experiences.

DOOCH's Beers to Taste (Hide?)
Aggromaster  (Scottish Ale) 8% abv   A Rating
Alpha Klaus  (American Porter) 6% abv   A Rating
Gumballhead  (American Pale Wheat Ale) 6% abv   A Rating
Moloko  (Milk / Sweet Stout) 8% abv   A Rating
Pascack Pils  (German Pilsener) 5% abv   NR Rating
PB & Jams  (Fruit / Vegetable) 8% abv   A Rating
Hop Reach  (American India Pale Ale) 7% abv   A Rating
Strawberry Lemonade  (Kombucha) 7% abv   A Rating
Stupid Silly Sour  (Flanders Oud Bruin) 6% abv   A+ Rating
Gloria Blonde  (Belgian Pale Ale) 6% abv   NR Rating
Little Ferry Light  (Light Lager) 4% abv   NR Rating
So Tangerine  (Radler) 5% abv   A Rating
OMG They Kilkenny!  (Irish Red Ale) 6% abv   NR Rating
Budweiser  (American Adjunct Lager) 5% abv   D+ Rating
The Wit Whale  (Belgian Witbier) 5% abv   A- Rating
Coors Light  (Light Lager) 4% abv   F Rating
Corona Light  (Light Lager) 4% abv   F Rating
Tangerine Czeltzer  (Malt Beer) 6% abv   A- Rating
DownEast Pomegranate  (Cider) 5% abv   A- Rating
Philoso-Rapper  (Belgian Trippel) 8% abv   NR Rating
Choc Cherry KBS  (American Imperial Stout) 12% abv   A+ Rating
Grimm Weisse  (Hefeweizen) 6% abv   A Rating
Heineken Light  (Light Lager) 3% abv   D+ Rating
Feed The Altar Chocolate  (Russian Imperial Stout) 13% abv   A Rating
FTA Fudge Hazelnut  (Russian Imperial Stout) 13% abv   A Rating
Rye Digress  (Vienna Lager) 5% abv   A- Rating
Shipping Out Of Boston  (American Amber/Red lager) 5% abv   A- Rating
BOXX  (American India Pale Ale) 6% abv   A Rating
Do I Like Eggnog?  (Milkshake IPA) 7% abv   A- Rating
Double Head High  (American Double IPA) 8% abv   A Rating
Monmouth Gold  (Helles Lager) 5% abv   A- Rating
Lagunitas IPA  (American India Pale Ale) 7% abv   B+ Rating
Vine Shine IPA  (American India Pale Ale) 6% abv   A Rating
Fluffy  (New England IPA) 7% abv   A Rating
All Citra Everything  (American Double IPA) 9% abv   A+ Rating
Pennings Bone Dry  (Cider) 6% abv   NR Rating
Santa's Private Reserve Ale  (American Amber/Red lager) 6% abv   A- Rating
NO Green Beer  (New England IPA) 6% abv   A Rating
Old Brown Dog  (American Brown Ale) 6% abv   A Rating
Stella Artois  (Euro Pale Lager) 5% abv   C+ Rating
Stella Cidre  (Cider) 5% abv   B+ Rating
Fruit Punch  (Malt Beer) 6% abv   A Rating

Favorite Beer
Corona Premier

Grupo Modelo SA de CV
Corona, Mexico
Style: American Pale Lager