269 Lifetime Points
Favorite Style : Light Lager
318 GABC 2019 Total Points
249 GABC 2019 Bonus Points
3 GABC 2019 Raffle Entries
3 Beers Tasted
21 Beers to Bonus
92 Beers Left to Try

Pint Status


FREDDY's Beer Rating: D (Below Avg)
"Where's the party?" is probably the most-asked question by you and your peers. You are a people person who seeks out the company of others whether in a group or just one-to-one. Some call you needy but they just don't understand. For some strange reason, you are more likely than average to buy recycled products yet you own three or more flat-screen TVs.

Favorite Beer
Coors Light

Chicago, IL
Style: Light Lager