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You are one of the world's most elite beer drinkers - consistently drinking outstanding beers from around the world. You are the envy of your peers in just about every social interaction. Some may call you a beer snob because you seek only quality beers. But let's face it, you're awesome.

WILEY HOP DOODLE's Beers to Taste (Hide?)
Hop Flurry  (Milkshake IPA) 7% abv   A Rating
Strawberry Lemonade  (Malt Beer) 5% abv   NR Rating
Tank 7 Farmhouse  (Saison / Farmhouse Ale) 8% abv   A Rating
Brooklyn Bone Dry  (Cider) 7% abv   A- Rating
Bud Light  (Light Lager) 4% abv   F Rating
Budweiser  (American Adjunct Lager) 5% abv   D+ Rating
B.D.G.  (American Brown Ale) 6% abv   A- Rating
The Hook  (American Pale Ale (APA)) 5% abv   A Rating
Tan Limes  (American Pale Lager) 5% abv   B+ Rating
Cape May White  (Belgian Witbier) 5% abv   A- Rating
Coors Light  (Light Lager) 4% abv   F Rating
Corona Premier  (American Pale Lager) 4% abv   C Rating
Mango Fate  (Gose) 6% abv   A- Rating
KickStep (GF)  (American India Pale Ale) 5% abv   B+ Rating
Broadway Boogie  (American Amber / Red Ale) 5% abv   A- Rating
Guinness  (Dry Irish Stout) 5% abv   B- Rating
Coconut Pineapple  (Malt Beer) 5% abv   A+ Rating
Lil Yacht Juice  (Session IPA) 5% abv   A Rating
Pineapple Hindenberg  (Chile Beer) 6% abv   A- Rating
Head High IPA  (American India Pale Ale) 7% abv   A Rating
Party Wave  (American India Pale Ale) 7% abv   NR Rating
Rouge Cerise  (Flanders Red) 7% abv   A+ Rating
Magners Cider  (Cider) 5% abv   B Rating
Air Quotes  (New England IPA) 8% abv   A Rating
Break the Bank  (New England IPA) 8% abv   A Rating
Froot Stripez  (Sour / Wild Ale) 8% abv   A Rating
Little Cold Side  (Session IPA) 5% abv   A Rating
Sweeter Thicker  (American Imperial Stout) 13% abv   A Rating
Up Up & Away  (New England IPA) 8% abv   A Rating
Gunner's Daughter  (Milk / Sweet Stout) 6% abv   A+ Rating
Blueberry Weiss  (Hefeweizen) 5% abv   A- Rating
Miller Lite  (Light Lager) 4% abv   D+ Rating
All The Way Up  (Sour / Wild Ale) 5% abv   A Rating
Downright Pilsner  (Czech Pilsener) 5% abv   A Rating
Cape Cod Cranberry  (American Wild Ale) 5% abv   A+ Rating
Fresh Cut  (Czech Pilsener) 5% abv   A+ Rating
Stella Artois  (Euro Pale Lager) 5% abv   C+ Rating
Stella Cidre  (Cider) 5% abv   B+ Rating
Paintin' The Town  (American Brown Ale) 6% abv   A Rating
Mexican Cake  (American Imperial Stout) 10% abv   A+ Rating
Yuengling Lager  (American Adjunct Lager) 4% abv   B- Rating
Little Wolf  (American Pale Ale (APA)) 5% abv   A- Rating

Favorite Beer

Ocean, NJ
Style: American Pale Ale (APA)