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SASSY CAS's Beers to Taste (Hide?)
Jersey Lager  (American Pale Lager) 4% abv   NR Rating
Våraison  (Saison / Farmhouse Ale) 4% abv   NR Rating
Peach Sournova  (Sour / Wild Ale) 6% abv   A+ Rating
à La Mooode  (Cider) 6% abv   A- Rating
Bud Light  (Light Lager) 4% abv   F Rating
Budweiser  (American Adjunct Lager) 5% abv   D+ Rating
Cherry Pilsner  (Fruit / Vegetable) 6% abv   NR Rating
B.D.G.  (American Brown Ale) 6% abv   A- Rating
Coors Light  (Light Lager) 4% abv   F Rating
Corona Premier  (American Pale Lager) 4% abv   C Rating
Mango Milkshake  (Milkshake IPA) 8% abv   A- Rating
Faith American  (Belgian Ale) 5% abv   A- Rating
Breakfast Stout  (American Imperial Stout) 7% abv   A+ Rating
Soft Serve  (Milkshake IPA) 5% abv   A- Rating
Conway's Irish Ale  (Irish Red Ale) 7% abv   B Rating
Dortmunder Gold  (Dortmunder / Export Lager) 6% abv   A Rating
Blueberry Seltzer  (Malt Beer) 5% abv   A Rating
Pocket Wrench  (American Pale Ale (APA)) 4% abv   A Rating
Wrench IPA  (New England IPA) 7% abv   A+ Rating
Jack's House  (Helles Lager) 5% abv   A Rating
Post Shift Pils  (German Pilsener) 5% abv   B+ Rating
Cloud Cover  (Belgian Witbier) 5% abv   B Rating
Port Omna  (American Stout) 7% abv   NR Rating
SuperSession 6  (Session IPA) 5% abv   A+ Rating
Magners Cider  (Cider) 5% abv   B Rating
Sweeter Thicker  (American Imperial Stout) 13% abv   A Rating
Raspberry Blush  (Berliner Weissbier) 4% abv   A Rating
Miller Lite  (Light Lager) 4% abv   D+ Rating
Boss Tweed  (New England IPA) 9% abv   A Rating
M-43  (New England IPA) 7% abv   A+ Rating
St Bernardus  (Abbey Tripel) 8% abv   A+ Rating
Stella Artois  (Euro Pale Lager) 5% abv   C+ Rating
Stella Cidre  (Cider) 5% abv   B+ Rating
Mexican Cake  (American Imperial Stout) 10% abv   A+ Rating
Yuengling Lager  (American Adjunct Lager) 4% abv   B- Rating
Green State  (German Pilsener) 5% abv   A Rating
Little Wolf  (American Pale Ale (APA)) 5% abv   A- Rating

Favorite Beer

Guinness LTD
Dublin, Ireland
Style: Dry Irish Stout