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Beer Champion PTs Bonus Total
Results posted as of 10/13/2015 4:28:05 PM
Date Draught Beer
10/12/2015 Enjoy By 10.31.2015
10/11/2015 Warlock Pumpkin
10/10/2015 KY Barrel Aged
10/9/2015 Red Headed Step Brewer
10/8/2015 Hipp-O-Lantern
10/7/2015 Whole Hog Pumpkin
10/6/2015 Warlock Pumpkin
10/5/2015 Ten Fidy
10/4/2015 Pumking Ale
10/3/2015 Croydon Cream Ale
10/2/2015 Allagash White
10/1/2015 CT Lawrence Red IPA
9/30/2015 Bitburger Pils
9/29/2015 Nesferatu
9/28/2015 Ct Lawrence Grapefruit
9/27/2015 Schlafly Pumpkin
9/26/2015 Wild Horse Porter
9/25/2015 Vapricot
9/24/2015 Bock Bock
9/23/2015 Croydon Cream Ale
9/22/2015 reDANKulous Red
9/21/2015 Guinness
9/20/2015 Hacker-Pschorr
9/19/2015 Apiary
9/18/2015 Hop Knife Harvest
9/17/2015 Cleveland Oktoberfest
9/16/2015 Paulaner Oktoberfest
9/15/2015 Peeper Ale
9/14/2015 Pecan Harvest Ale
9/13/2015 Mangö Kölsch
9/12/2015 Dead Ringer
9/11/2015 St. Lenny’s IPA
9/10/2015 David's Slingshot
9/9/2015 Hop Manna IPA
9/8/2015 Bock Bock
9/7/2015 Autumn Pale Ale
9/6/2015 Dales Pale Ale
9/5/2015 Chocolate Yeti
9/4/2015 Mischief Gone Wild
9/3/2015 Head High IPA
9/2/2015 Hoptimum Imperial
9/1/2015 Lemon & Grassy
8/31/2015 Smooth Sail
8/30/2015 Lemon & Grassy
8/29/2015 10° of Separation
8/28/2015 Showdown Rye IPA
8/27/2015 Old Jubilation 2013
8/26/2015 Hibernation Ale
8/25/2015 Dales Pale Ale
8/24/2015 Milk Stout Nitro
8/23/2015 Showdown Rye IPA
8/22/2015 Old Jubilation 2013
8/21/2015 Funnel Cake Nitro
8/20/2015 A Dark Night
8/19/2015 Grapefruit Sculpin
8/18/2015 Maine Lunch IPA
8/17/2015 Maine Weez
8/16/2015 N'Ice Chouffe
8/15/2015 Head High IPA
8/14/2015 Stone Saison
8/13/2015 G.O.R.P.
8/12/2015 Croydon Cream Ale
8/11/2015 Little Sumpin Extra!
8/10/2015 All Day IPA
8/9/2015 Choklat Stout
8/8/2015 La Chouffe Blond
8/7/2015 Victory Black IPA
8/6/2015 Sculpin Habanero
8/5/2015 Juicy Ale With Nugget
8/4/2015 Boat Beer
8/3/2015 Tarte Nouveau
8/2/2015 Hopback Amber
8/1/2015 Eliot Ness Amber
7/31/2015 Points Unknown IPA
7/30/2015 Farkin Wheaton W00T
Enjoy By 10.31.2015
American Double IPA
Stone Brewing Company
American Amber / Red Ale
Great Lakes Brewing Co
Boat Beer
Session IPA
Carton Brewing
Warlock Pumpkin
American Imperial Stout
Southern Tier Brewing Co
Wild Horse Porter
American Porter
Brooklyn Brewery
Pumpkin Down Scottish
Pumpkin Ale
Ballast Point Brewing
Fat Jack Double
Pumpkin Ale
Boston Beer Company
Pumple Drumkin
Pumpkin Ale
Cisco Brewers
Punk’In Drublic
Pumpkin Ale
Coronado Brewing Co
Punkin Ale
Pumpkin Ale
Dogfishhead Brewery
62 Imperial Pumpkin
Pumpkin Ale
DuClaw Brewing Company
The Fear Imperial
Pumpkin Ale
Flying Dog Brewery
KY Barrel Aged
Pumpkin Ale
Lexington Brewing CO
PumpkinHead Ale
Pumpkin Ale
Shipyard Brewing Co.
Pumking Ale
Pumpkin Ale
Southern Tier Brewing Co
PumpkinFest Ale
Pumpkin Ale
Terrapin Beer Co.
19th Anniversary
American Double IPA
Coronado Brewing Co
Ct Lawrence Grapefruit
American India Pale Ale
Captain Lawrence Brew Co.
Your Father Smelt
Fruit / Vegetable
Stone Brewing Company
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